Bay to Breakers and Other Opportunities to Watch People Pass Out on the Street


Day drinking in San Francisco is a local pasttime. It’s what we’re good at. Whether it’s long brunches with bottomless mimosas or getting your sunburn ‘n chill on at Dolores park with a rum-filled coconut; san franciscans aren’t scared of paying with a little acid reflux in order to booze it up in the sun. But if you’re going to do that this weekend, how about doing it to support a good cause? Two great San Francisco traditions in one, rallying for humanitarian efforts and feeling tipsy. Here are a few places where you can appreciate a great day of debauchery while giving back to your favorite city by the bay.


MAY 11th

SFMade is a non-profit that helps local artisans continue to manufacture their wares in San Francisco. You want a mason jar wall mount or a hand-crafted oak table, or a million other necessities that aren’t mass produced with unknown chemicals? Then come out and drink, we shouldn’t have to twist your arm, you’ll be drinking anyway, so come here and do it. Put your money where your beer is at.


From the Embarcadero to Ocean Beach May 15th

Bay to Breakers turns 100 and is one of the biggest in the U.S. You can dress up or go naked and run the 7 mile marathon, or even better, watch from Hayes Valley. It’s all fun and games at first, and then this day drinking (literal) marathon gets real when participants reach the nearly vertical climb of Hayes street. Watch with the painted ladies in the background as adult Ninja turtles, robots, and elvis impersonators buckle from heat exhaustion and lay down on the sidewalk for a quick nap before continuing on towards the ocean. Oh ya, and the people walking around with donation barrels, throw a couple bills in there, it’s usually for supporting local schools or more community events like this one.


Fort Mason May 21st

Sample over 300 beers from the best craft brewers in the world, it’s pretty much the world’s fair for beer, and it’s for a good cause. Since 1984, the San Francisco International Beer Festival (SFIBF) has raised money for the Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School (Tel-Hi). The event staff consists of the proud parents of Tel-Hi’s preschool students. They donate their time and efforts to bring you this historic San Francisco festival-the oldest beer festival on the west coast)



Yeah yeah, we know, but carnaval is in February you say, welp, that’s New Orleans and this is San Francisco, our version of Carnaval is a bit different. Celebrating its 38th anniversary, this is San Francisco’s version of Mardi Gras and one of the largest annual public events in the city. It features Carnaval dancers with a mixture of Latino, jazz, samba, and Caribbean influences, so come out and drink, eat amazing food, and support community centers throughout the neighborhood. The festive and colorful parade on Sunday morning is not something you should miss. It’s one of those rare occasions where you can see the extensive cultural pageantry of SF all in one place.