Who Cares About Super Delegates When There are Super Slides


One of the perks to living in SF is that the city seems determined to let you be an adult-child for as long as possible. If you don’t want to grow up, there are events, restaurants, holidays and so on that will help you maintain your youthful sense of play and curiosity. So forget about the woes of adulthood and focus on the more positive aspects of being a grown-ass person, which is mainly that you can take yourself to the park. If San Francisco doesn’t already feel like a playground to you, here are four places that will ensure you forever think of the city as a place where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously.


Eureka Valley (above the Castro)

As an adult it’s hard to get back to those moments where things feel new and exciting like when you were a kid. Where the simplest things were exhilarating. But if you want to rediscover the simple joys of the slide, bring some wax and grab a piece of cardboard and scare the shit out of everyone watching by getting airborn on the turn of these cement masterpieces. Nestled in a small park above the Castro, you can swing from trees and rekindle your childhood enthusiasm for the cardboard box.


Lucasfilms in the Presidio, SF

This might not appeal to people who weren’t Star Wars nerds as kids, but if you were, childhood dreams do come true. Right in our very own backyard the closest thing to religion besides religion was born: Star Wars. On Saturday afternoons there are food trucks everywhere, so grab a kimchi taco or whatever and bask in the peaceful glory of Geaorge Lucas’s masterpiece.


745 Mission St, SF

This is a perfect place to escape on a lunch break or to relax in between museum hopping. It’s an oasis in a paved-over part of town. The waterfall drowns out city noise pollution so you can find your spot in the grass and watch all the hustle and bustle from your small tuft of man made bliss. Even if it’s just for 30 min.


1096 S Van Ness Ave, SF

Ok so this isn’t exactly an open public space, but it is a great place to enjoy childhood simplicity while also having an adult beverage.

Can’t Take The Heat? Don’t Worry It Doesn’t Get Warm Here


Memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, it’s a time when you cut your jeans into shorts, break out your barbecue, and dust off your boat shoes. San Francisco is the best place to be during the warm months of June, July, and August. While the rest of the country is boiling in humidity, we enjoy perfect sunny, temperate weather. And what better way to celebrate than to check out all of the lush nature surrounding the Bay Area. In less than an hour drive you can reach Point Reyes, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, you can rope swing over the ocean in a big eucalyptus tree, hike to a waterfall, or see whales off the coastal highway. Drinking watery beer and eating BBQ are important national past-times, but how about celebrating this year with some nature. Here are four of the best places for hiking and getting your zen on in the Bay Area.


Sausalito, CA

Despite its vicinity to San Francisco, this place remains pretty secluded and untouched. It’s probably the mile hike down to the ocean from the cliffs that deters less dedicated rope swingers; because what goes down must come up, at least in this case. The swing hangs in an enormous eucalyptus tree and during high tide jets out over the water. Stunning views of the Golden gate with a deserted island feel, there’s nothing better.


Bolinas, CA

A short drive from SF and near the cute coastal town of Bolinas where you can stock up on granola and incense if that’s the kind of hike you’re looking for. Either way, the white noise of an oceanside waterfall will definitely realign your chakras, or whatever, and prepare you for all the craziness of summer fun.


Watsonville, CA

If you’ve never driven down highway 1, now is the time because by the middle of summer the fog rolls in and doesn’t leave until mid September. So get the expansive ocean views while they last and this place is the best spot because it’s whale season. You can watch the largest mammals on earth turn over all day and swim their yearly migration toward colder water during the summer months. It’s a pretty incredible thing to witness.


Point Reyes,CA

There are a ton of different hikes you can do in the area, the cypress tree tunnel is the entrance to the national park, but from there, do the lighthouse loop at sunset. It’s another place where a whale sighting is possible, and it will make you look pretty cool on Instagram.