Guide to Getting Things Lit AF in June


When it’s Wednesday night and you’re at home asking the interwebs what to do in SF this weekend, you probably get a bunch of touristy suggestions, like, walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Mission walking tours, etc. Those are all awesome, but if you call SF home, how many times can you see the seals by the pier and go to Crissy Field before you vomit with wholesome weekend fun. So put on your party outfit and beer goggles, here are a few of the best events in June for people that live here.


June 4, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM @ Fort Mason

Grab your sunblock and Teva sandals and get down here for a new summer series of silent dance parties at Fort Mason. You will all look like a ridiculous bobbing wave of ironic t-shirts in headphones, but in your ears there is an epic party happening and you’re about to break into the running man.


Multiple locations

San Francisco is notorious for being a hard place to meet new people, hence Nametag Day. A day that comes around once a year where you get out of your apartment, pack into bars, and actually meet people IRL. A concept after our own pickle hearts. So if you want to meet other awesome people like yourself RSVP and go drink with strangers who want to talk to other strangers.


RIckshaw Stop, June 4th 9:30pm – 2am

A millennium dance party featuring the era’s best pop, electronic, hip-hop, and r&b. Get ready to break out your stunna shades, crop tops, v-necks, and guyliner and get your freak on. Blocks of music from the 90’s-2000’s will be played til 2am, reminding you why J.T. leaving NSYNC wasn’t the worst thing ever. DJ’s will take you on a year-by-year voyage spinning all the hits and guilty pleasures. Oh and did we mention it’s for a good cause? Proceeds will go to SF Society Ties, a group that raises funds and awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


In The Tenderloin outside of Hastings Law, Thursday Jun 16th

If you’ve never heard of this, you have to check it out. Watch dancers scale down buildings and tip toe on roof tops while a loud speaker blasts modern classical and experimental music. There are night performances with large scale light shows and glow-in-the-dark dancers doing pirouettes and adagios underneath. This incredibly vibrant neighborhood is fighting gentrification and creating a dialog with art and movement, so bring a chair and get ready to look up with your mouth open for a few hours.

Can’t Take The Heat? Don’t Worry It Doesn’t Get Warm Here


Memorial day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, it’s a time when you cut your jeans into shorts, break out your barbecue, and dust off your boat shoes. San Francisco is the best place to be during the warm months of June, July, and August. While the rest of the country is boiling in humidity, we enjoy perfect sunny, temperate weather. And what better way to celebrate than to check out all of the lush nature surrounding the Bay Area. In less than an hour drive you can reach Point Reyes, one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, you can rope swing over the ocean in a big eucalyptus tree, hike to a waterfall, or see whales off the coastal highway. Drinking watery beer and eating BBQ are important national past-times, but how about celebrating this year with some nature. Here are four of the best places for hiking and getting your zen on in the Bay Area.


Sausalito, CA

Despite its vicinity to San Francisco, this place remains pretty secluded and untouched. It’s probably the mile hike down to the ocean from the cliffs that deters less dedicated rope swingers; because what goes down must come up, at least in this case. The swing hangs in an enormous eucalyptus tree and during high tide jets out over the water. Stunning views of the Golden gate with a deserted island feel, there’s nothing better.


Bolinas, CA

A short drive from SF and near the cute coastal town of Bolinas where you can stock up on granola and incense if that’s the kind of hike you’re looking for. Either way, the white noise of an oceanside waterfall will definitely realign your chakras, or whatever, and prepare you for all the craziness of summer fun.


Watsonville, CA

If you’ve never driven down highway 1, now is the time because by the middle of summer the fog rolls in and doesn’t leave until mid September. So get the expansive ocean views while they last and this place is the best spot because it’s whale season. You can watch the largest mammals on earth turn over all day and swim their yearly migration toward colder water during the summer months. It’s a pretty incredible thing to witness.


Point Reyes,CA

There are a ton of different hikes you can do in the area, the cypress tree tunnel is the entrance to the national park, but from there, do the lighthouse loop at sunset. It’s another place where a whale sighting is possible, and it will make you look pretty cool on Instagram.

4 Things Keeping SF Weird


There’s a lot of conversation and fear around how the city is bending toward a future of tech elite millionaire’s and a middle class dystopia. How the weird and culturally diverse are being pushed out in order to make way for luxury condos and AirBnB tourists, and everyone has an opinion on how to stop it and who to point a finger at. These are all very real and sensitive issues facing our community but we wanted to highlight some activities and places that are keeping our weird San Francisco hearts full of paint, glitter, and unicorns. Here are some things you can do this week, right now, that will remind you that San Francisco is still creative and vibrant, you just have to look a little harder now.


MAY 20th

The housing crisis in San Francisco has not only affected tenants and priced out many people who have been living here for decades, but it has also devastated the lesbian bar population almost entirely into extinction. From the ashes, The Guerilla Dyke Bar Takeover was born. It’s a monthly party, where a different local bar is chosen and every Lesbian on the LGBTQI spectrum shows up and turns it into a dyke bar for the night. Get ready for a sea of mullets, fohawks, and pleather jackets flooding the streets of the Mission on Friday night.


May 19th

It’s that time of the month again, in a good way, it’s Third Thursdays, that’s today, the 19th. It’s a free event, RSVP online, and hop around downtown SF to see live performances, drink champagne, and look at art from the masters of the 20th century to the rising stars of the most contemporary art scene in san Francisco today. This will be the best zero dollars you ever spent.


1608 Bush st, SF

Bring your humor and personality, because if you don’t you won’t be seated or you’ll probably leave feeling offended. The walls are painted bright shades of orange and red, there are naked barbie dolls and toy animals glued in provocative positions, and colorful dildos in place of flowers as your tables’ centerpiece. But despite the loud decor, the food is delicious and if you’ve lived here a long time, it’ll probably bring back memories of the good ‘ol days.


503 Tunnel Avenue, SF – May 20th 5-9pm

The Artist in Residence Program at Recology San Francisco provides artists with a free pass to scavenge at the dump. Childhood dreams do come true. Trash and scrap metal are gathered at all hours of the night and day, and in the program’s 24-hour all access studio, artists repurpose San Francisco’s treasures of the underworld. This is not the kind of recycled art you did in 5th grade with dry macaroni, it’s a must see show that redefines waste and brings to the surface issues of sustainability in our modern urban spaces.

Best Places to People Watch


One of the first things you notice while in San Francisco is that people live their full selves out in public. The lines are blurred when it comes to private vs public activities, everything goes, and nobody bats an eyelash. We are a city that truly lives the Drake motto: “you do you.” The second thing you notice is that, unlike LA or New York, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time, you simply need to just step outside; there’s always a free outdoor event celebrating food or live music happening somewhere, so bring your snacks and prepare for the most amazing people watching.


The Mission, SF

We can just get this spot out of the way now because it is the most obvious, however, that’s because it’s home to the most epic of people watching. Did you forget your sunscreen? Don’t worry, there’s a shirtless man in short-shorts and a utility belt full of all levels of SPF protection for sale, and he’ll even help you get those hard to reach spots. There’s also an Indiana Jones type fellow walking around with a leather brief case selling top shelf marijuana, or you can stay on budget and buy an edible lolly pop shaped like a naughty place.


China Town, SF

In 1848 the discovery of gold was announced in the square, a man named Sam Brannan stood up and showed his bounty to a crowd. Today it’s known as the heart of Chinatown, and is people watching gold. A place where you can sit on one of the many benches to watch finance men smoke cigarettes, old women eat corn on the cob, and small crowds of people quietly argue over a game of Baccarat or Pai gow.


The Mission, SF

There is always an eclectic crowd spilling into the streets from this tiny cafe and bar. Most nights of the week there is live experimental jazz where you can watch someone play the keyboard kazoo while several people dance like there’s nobody watching.


Lower Nob Hill, SF

This is just a corner where two incredible streets intersect. Really you can go anywhere on Polk street between Broadway and Grove street, but we think these crossroads represent the height of where all the magic and weirdness go down. Most bars here have great window seats, so find one and grab a few drinks because you are about to witness an amazing clash of opposites. This is where Marina district bros, Fisherman’s Wharf tourists, and the Tenderloin collide. Enough said.

Best Places in SF to Celebrate 420


You say 420 is a silly holiday, maybe you scoff a bit, and it’s true, going to hippie hill and helping someone put beeswax in their dreadlocks while blessing the palo santo is not our idea of a good time. But who doesn’t want a reason to smoke weed? Not that you would need a reason, but this is an opportunity to get out and take life a little slower, find a new appreciation for art, and get a little weird. We have to remind ourselves to step away from the phone, computer, social media, and take a little time out to appreciate that we live in one of the most interesting cities. Here are some of the best places to smoke weed on 420 (or really, anytime you want.)



Golden Gate Park, SF

The De Young is a great place to start. Just look at those sphinx statues, You could probably just sit on top of one of those all day and not even make it into the museum. But if you do happen to make it inside, it is the cave of wonders from Aladdin. There’s a restaurant for all your munchie needs, and the whole building is interactive, you become the art in a way, so burn one down and think about that postmodern brain wrench.



Golden Gate Park, SF

If you’re that person who has 5 or more photos on instagram of yourself doing a warrior pose on a rock formation, you’ll probably want to smoke weed here out of an organic free range apple. The Koi fish will help you meditate and you can slowly come down and rebalance your chakras over a relaxing cup of oolong.



Pier 15, SF

Most of the time the Exploratorium is for kids, so don’t go there during the day and scare all the parents with 9 year old science nerds. The Exploratorium created their After Dark Series for deep thinkers and gonja philosophers like you. They contemplate the real important questions in life like, why do you see yourself in reverse when you look in a mirror, and the scientific method behind cheddar cheese. Or, if you happen to be more of a body high stoner, you can just crawl back and forth through their pitch-black Tactile Dome.



Marina/Presidio, SF

The Presidio, also home to the Palace of Fine Arts is probably the trippiest looking place in SF. It looks like 17th century Moorish architecture, but it’s not, so don’t worry, you’re not offending anyone if you light up there. Lay under the dome structure and bliss out on all the patterns or take a stroll along the water that reflects this epic creation.

Places To Get Away From It All That Are Only A Short Drive Away

Have you ever seen the Portlandia skit where Fred Armisen is stuck in a technology loop? Sometimes our lives really do get that way. We just go back and forth from email to text message to Netflix and repeat until our eyes roll back in our heads. Fred finally calls his friend into the room to help break the loop, and that’s what Pickle is, we want our feed to inspire you to put the phone down and go out. The small deviations we make in our everyday routine can go a long way and that perfect Bay Area weather is right around the corner so check out these great day trip ideas and break the loop.




Fort Funston, located right behind park Merced is more than just a protected natural reserve, it’s a gorgeous place to get away from the city while not going very far. Take your dog, grab some snacks, and become one with the elements.



Ocean Beach, SF

Everything you want to see in SF is basically right here. You can walk the cliffs on the Lands End trails, stroll the beach, grab some food at the restaurant and you’re right next to the entrance of the largest urban national park in the United States



Highway 25, CA

Pinnacles is only a 2 hour drive. You spend more time on Facebook than that. But in that same amount of time, you could be hiking through caves and 23 million year old rock formations. Nature:1 Facebook:0



Burlingame, CA

When life gives you lemons, go go-carting. If nature isn’t your way to relax, and you have a need for speed, then this is the place for you.

Everyone You Hate Went to Cancun

All the loud bro’s and women in bodycon dresses are probably on their way to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, gearing up for triple kisses and doing body shots right now. So take in a big breath and exhale a sigh of relief, the Bay Area will be calm for 10 days. It might not be easy to get out of town for Spring Break, but it’ll be worth it to take one or two of your sick days, hit the reset button, and check out these stay-cation destinations. It’s no MTV spring break, but you won’t be disappointed.



Los Gatos, Ca

Nikki pickled this place: “the wine and food were great. Good atmosphere, beautiful place.” Testarossa Winery is the perfect Napa alternative for your favorite kind of grape juice, it sits at the base of the Santa Cruz mountains so makes an excellent day trip from San Francisco.



Redding, CA

The bridge crosses the Sacramento river a few hours north of San Francisco. It unites Shasta and Trinity State park with the town of Redding. Full of beautiful hikes and small town quaintness, find a bed & breakfast or bring a tent and camp if it’s warm enough. Thanks for the stunning photo Danielle.



Daly City, CA

Daly City is pretty underrated especially when it comes to beaches; crashing waves and sand between your toes is the last thing you might think of when it comes to this sleepy town just south of San Francisco. But Dana’s post will hopefully squash that stereotype once and for all. Bring your towel and take your shoes off, it’s “such a beautiful hike down to the ocean”.



Napa, CA highway 128

You wouldn’t think they rent boats and jet ski’s here because this place is so peaceful it almost looks like a big mirror surrounded by trees. But it’s so enormous you can’t even tell. It’s the perfect destination for a mini road trip, John pickled this spot and realized right away that it’s “a great place for a local vacation.”

Make Winter Your Wonderland

Spring Break is around the corner but there are still a few good weeks left of cold weather. Time to hit the slopes and the snacks before rainy day french toast and hot chocolates turn to fruit smoothies and kale salad. Here’s a hit-list of a few great spots to play in the snow and indulge your sweet tooth, not at the same time though.



Tahoe City, Ca

Get some snow and solitude in before the lake fills up with paddle boats and summer bods. Thanks for the perfect sunset photo Jonah!



Tahoe, Ca

Tahoe is one of those magic places where it snows at night, but in the morning there’s a perfect layer of fresh powder everywhere and the sun is blazing. Perfect for making snow angels in your t-shirt. Shout out to Shanay who posted the photo above on our app last week!



Alameda, East Bay

Ramiro was at Gelati Pop eating what looks like a donut on a stick, he says, “it’s awesome, you won’t regret it,” but there’s nothing to regret if sprinkles are involved.



Alamo Square, SF

Alexandra gave this place her French approval, “best macs I’ve found in the states!” That is a legitimate recommendation, gotta go get some.